Last weekend (March 17-18) I had the pleasure and honor of representing NMSAAM at the 2nd annual business meeting of the American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA). Some of you might recall that NMSAAM was honored to host the first annual meeting last year in Albuquerque. Since then, a lot of great work has been done! For the impatient, a link to the meeting report is at the bottom of this post. I encourage all acupuncturists to read and share with your colleagues.

I want to thank the NMSAAM membership for sending me to this meeting to collaborate with leaders in our profession. I strongly believe that participation in state and national associations enables us, as individual practitioners, to provide the best care to the most patients. Our country is facing multiple healthcare crises: the opioid epidemic, rising costs of conventional care, and shortage of physicians to name just a few. Our medicine has solutions to many, if not all, of these problems. However, it is only through the support, coordination, and leadership of state and national associations that the public and policy makers will recognize and acknowledge our solutions.

It is important, especially now, that our profession come together with a unified voice and answer the call for the high quality healthcare that we can provide. Both NMSAAM and the ASA will be working this next year at increasing benefits for our members. ASA will be providing leadership and resources for state associations like NMSAAM and we will be passing them on to you or using them to create resources for individual practitioners. The largest benefit, however, is a voice and presence on the national stage and in groups like the opioid task force (which ASA is working to be a part of). In the same way, a portion of NMSAAM membership dues support the ASA operations; the more members NMSAAM (and thus the ASA) has the more of a voice our profession has. Read the report below for an idea of what we’ve been up to and where we are headed this year!

Currently the ASA leadership is completely volunteer. Thank you to the ASA Board of Directors for your hard work and dedication. Their work doesn’t stop with the end of the meeting. The BOD has prepared a detailed report of the meeting including work done last year and goals for this year and the future. Be sure to check out the hyperlinks in the PDF document for even more information and details!
2017_asa_meeting_report (click here)