Reported by Steven Malins, DOM.


The meeting was called to order by chair Barbara Maddoux at 10:13 am. The following board members were present: Barbara Maddoux, Selah Chamberlain, Constance Gehring, Suzanne Smart, Frances Lovett.

The agenda was approved without modifications, and the minutes from the meeting July 16th were approved as written.

Committee Reports

Rx, Rules, Licensing Committees

The Rx committee did not meet since the meeting July 16th, and so had nothing to report. Suzanne reported that the rules committee was scheduled to meet but due to changes in the board prior to the July 16th meeting they did not meet. There were notes from this meeting, but they were not available. Babette will provide the notes to the board for comment/review prior to the next meeting.

Aside from some temporary licenses granted, the license committee had nothing to report at this time.

Exam Committee

The exam committee met and there are 31 licensees registered to take the exam in September. The exam is scheduled for Sept 27th. Due to the high number of applicants, the testing agency may test some applicants on Sept 28th. They will submit a final budget with this decision by Aug 29th for the board to review.

Rx Education Committee

The Rx education committee reported that there were 3 different versions of the application form for basic injection expanded practice licensure received by the board for the 10 Rx licensees approved later in the meeting. While this did not affect the current group (i.e. none were denied expanded practice licensure for this reason) it is an issue that needs to be corrected before the next round of applicants submit their applications. The Rx education committee generated three documents:

The application for expanded practice educational course approval
A checklist to be used by RLD to verify the application for course approval is complete
A checklist to be used by the administrator submitting the application

However, Barbara Maddoux reported that she had at least 3 separate versions of each document. As such, all three documents were sent back to the Rx education committee to present finalized versions for the board to review and approve.

The Rx education committee also reviewed the exams for the basic injection course that just concluded in Santa Fe. Barbara reports they were very pleased with the depth and thoroughness of the exams. Though the board has 30 days to approve the course, Barbara recommended that the course be approved at this meeting.

Suzanne brought up that the committee wanted to recommend that CEU courses that are approved by the AMA or other credible national organization be accepted as CEUs for expanded practice without board review. She reported that several DOMs did not receive confirmation that their course was approved until after the start of the course. Selah raised the point that AMA, for example, approves courses in areas that are not relevant to injection therapy (e.g. abdominal surgery). He recommended that any posting of approving organizations be prefaced with the admonishment that the laws/rules require that the CEUs be relevant to injection therapy. No formal action was taken on this topic, but it was advised that the Rx education committee form specific wording for this that included the fact that it must be relevant to injection therapy.

SWAC Injection Course

At the meeting in July, SWAC was asked to provide a time when the exams for their expanded practice course could be reviewed on site by members of the Rx education committee. While the exams were not ready for review at the July meeting, Babette reported to the board that they are ready and the Rx education committee or BAOM just has to call to schedule a time.

Due to a faculty change, the SWAC course has been moved to Oct 2014; the board reviewed this change but did not take any formal action (i.e. SWAC’s course is still approved).

License Ratification

Licenses for CADSs, externs, extern supervisors, and temporary DOM licenses were approved by the board. There were also 10 basic injection expanded practice licenses approved. One applicant submitted a card without his name on it; however, a corrected copy of the card was provided by Glenn Wilcox before the motion was voted on.

Code of Conduct

The board approved the code of conduct and ethics. A member of the public asked if this could be posted to be board website; the board directed Cynthia, the board administrator, to post it to the website.

Expired License

The board received a request to provide an exception to the expired license for a DOM. The DOM wrote to the board that NMAC (part of the Practice Act) requires the BAOM to notify a licensee that their license expired by return receipt mail to the address on record. The DOM, who was present at the meeting, stated in his request to the board that he never received this. Legal counsel was not on hand to advise the board of its abilities under the law or rule. Nor was the board administrator able to confirm or deny that the required mail was sent. As such the following motion was made and passed:

Pending the advice of the AAG’s office and research into whether the required mail was sent, this matter is tabled for decision at the next meeting of the BAOM. Cynthia (the board administrator) is authorized to grant a temporary license to the individual in question contingent on AAG approval.

CADS Application, Education Request

A application for a CADS was received, but did not have required documentation of the educational requirements outlined in the NMAC. As such, no action was taken on this application pending submission of the required documentation.

Executive Session

The motion was made to enter into Executive Session at 11:04 am. Pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, matters discussed in Executive Session are not open to the public. There were no other agenda items on the agenda after the Executive Session, and this was clarified by a question from a member of the public.