At the October 29 rule hearing and meeting, the BAOM adopted new rules for education for basic injection therapy and use of non-injectable hormones, as well as some other aspects of expanded practice.  Forces outside the BAOM have delayed this process for a very long time, and it looks like at last we can move forward and DOMs will be able to get training in these parts of our scope of practice.  Rules for education in more advanced injection and intravenous therapy still must be worked out; the BAOM members are now turning their attention to these matters.

A lawsuit that was brought against the BAOM by a DOM, challenging the rules for expanded practice and greatly delaying their adoption, has now been completely resolved, so that obstruction is out of the way.

You can find the new rules at the BAOM website at  Please note that there have been some minor clarifications of the language since the drafts here were posted; the final versions have not been posted yet, but will be very close to what you see here.  Sections in green are the most recent proposed language.

Education courses for basic injection therapy do not exist as yet, but there are people working on them.  Stay tuned.

Minutes of the October 29 rule hearing and meeting have also not been posted yet at the BAOM site. In the meantime, I am posting my own notes from that day, with additional input from NMSAAM Secretary Acazia Gilmore.  The notes are a bit long and involved, but will give you the flavor of the discussion that took place.  You can find them in a longer article on this site; look at the lower left side of the page to find “Recent NMSAAM Articles.”