What we need:

New Mexico DOMs!

It is time once again for the legislative session up in Santa Fe!
NMSAAM will be organizing free treatments again this year, but we need
your help!

We need DOMs to volunteer their time to give treatments to
legislators, staff, and anyone else who wants to give acupuncture a
try. This is a non-partisan effort to increase awareness of our
medicine and what we can offer our community. It has become a
tradition over many years, and is much appreciated by those who
receive treatments.

What does volunteering involve?

  • Volunteers come up to the Roundhouse in Santa Fe and give
    treatments to anyone who wants one. NMSAAM will provide a
    treatment table, a sign advertising our service, a generic consent
    form, and some simple SOAP note forms.

  • You provide your time, needles and sheets and pillow or whatever you would
    like to bring for patient comfort.

  • You are welcome and encouraged to provide any additional
    forms/documentation you believe necessary for you to give a good

  • Shifts will be 4 hours each on Tuesdays and Thursdays; from 9am to 1pm
    and 1pm to 5pm. You can sign up for as many shifts as you like!

When is it?

The legislative session starts Jan 20 and we will be providing
treatments Every Tuesday and Thursday from Jan 21 through Feb 20

Shifts are from 9am to 1pm and 1pm to 5pm every Tuesday and Thursday
in that time frame.

What is needed to volunteer?

  • All practitioners must be currently licensed DOMs in New Mexico and
    must have proof of current malpractice insurance.

  • Once you submit proof of your license and malpractice insurance to
    vicepresident@nmsaam.org then you will be provided a login to sign
    up for what shifts you would like to volunteer for!

Help our medicine and make great professional contacts!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Steven Malins
at vicepresident@nmsaam.org