A message from the North Carolina Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCAAOM):

Dear Acupuncture Colleagues:
The practice of unlicensed acupuncture under the term “dry needling” poses a significant threat to the safety of health care consumers across the country. The acupuncture profession has long established the highest standards in education and safety in the art and science of our profession.

As the standard bearers of best practices, we are embolden to uphold the integrity of our medicine, obligated to educate our community, and determined to ensure the safety of patients.

We invite you to participate in our effort to educate our community and patients by purchasing a “Dry Needling IS Acupuncture” T-shirt. Our colorful, ultra cotton, premium t-shirt features our campaign slogan on the front with our educational message in English and Chinese on the back.

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Please take the time to forward this email along to your friends and colleagues in other states.

C. Daerr Reid, LAc
NCAAOM President