Reasons to Join

Our membership dues allow us to advance the profession and raise awareness of acupuncture across the state. That is not the primary reason we need the support of your membership. We work with lawmakers, businesses, and other heathcare providers to bring acupuncture to the most New Mexicans possible. The more members we represent, the stronger our negotiating power is in these situations. Membership in a professional association is the best way to make your voice heard and amplified regarding issues affecting our profession; this is the primary benefit of membership.

National Leadership

NMSAAM is a member of the American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA), which means that each NMSAAM member is also a member of the ASA. The ASA is the most active professional association for acupuncture and Asian medicine in the country. They work with national partners, including NCAAOM, CCAOM, ACAOM, and other allied health organizations. Supporting NMSAAM with your membership directly supports the ASA!

Community Development

Because of the dedicated and constant efforts of the leadership of NMSAAM and its ancestor organizations, DOMs in the state of New Mexico have the best scope of practice, and the best political climate in which to work, in the country. New Mexico has long been a leader in the regulation of our medicine.

  • NMSAAM is the only AOM organization representing you at our state capital during the legislative session.
  • NMSAAM is the only New Mexico AOM organization representing you at the national level and working to improve the standing of our profession at that level.
  • NMSAAM has cultivated positive relationships with the makers of public policy and with this state’s legislators.
  • NMSAAM has continued the work of helping DOMs to receive reimbursement from insurance companies, HMOs and injury cases. We can help you to navigate these challenging systems.
  • NMSAAM helps you increase your practitioner skills through organizing and sponsoring CEU classes. Members receive a discount on these classes.
  • NMSAAM members often receive discounts at conventions and otherwise from various suppliers.