Dear NMSAAM visitors and members:

The new website is looking good and functioning very well.

I have designed the site to be as automated as possible, although there will be some minor management required for members paying by check instead of PayPal.

Also, make sure to sign up for a free account with  This will allow you to add a photo to your profile (the same email address must be used for and

The new site also features a forum, which is available for use by all members, and also allows private posts, which are only viewable once logged in.

Professional Members may have their profile added to the “Find a Practitioner page” upon request.

The new site also features embedding of the Google Calendar, on which authorized members will have access to posting via NMSAAM’s account.

Please add,, and to your email client’s address book; this will help prevent email sent from the website from ending up in your spam folder.

Thank you for your patience, and together we will make this the best website ever!

Eric Cameron, site designer