Dear DOMs and Friends:

Acupuncture has been called “the energy medicine of the future.” We are inviting you to meet the future by joining the New Mexico Society for Acupuncture and Asian Medicine.  We will be here for you as our profession navigates the many transitions health care is going through.

 Here are the Top Ten Reasons for joining our organization now:

10.  Question:  What will happen if I don’t join?
Answer:  Nothing.  And that’s the point.

9.   Legislation happens!  The legislative session, with major decisions to be made about the direction of health care reform, will come up almost before we know it.  NMSAAM is your eyes and ears in the legislature, and your voice as well.  Support us in supporting you!

8.   Yes, we know.  You’re not a joiner.  Well, we non-joiners have to stick together, right?  Especially when we have the same joint interests in seeing our medicine thrive.

7.  Have you heard of the Affordable Care Act?  At a time when decisions are being made about which modalities will be covered and which patients will get access to our services, we cannot afford not to care.  NMSAAM cares, and will make sure we’re seen and heard.

6.  Don’t wait for an emergency to reach out.  If you find yourself isolated in your own office, emerge ‘n see what your colleagues are doing.

5.  Joining is a chance to both protect and promote our profession.  NMSAAM provides the leverage – not to mention the “loverage” – to present acupuncture and Asian medicine in the best light.

4.  Think about how many new patients could benefit from our medicine.  NMSAAM will help spread the word, and work on increasing access, so no New Mexican will have to suffer needle-lessly.

3.  Our organization and gatherings are a perfect way to work together and synergize the latest knowledge and techniques … hey, there’s no sin in synergy, and no harm in harmony.

2.  It’s important for our profession to interface with the public.  NMSAAM is the outer face of that interface.

1.  And the #1 reason to join NMSAAM now?  Because it’s too late to do it sooner!

The energy medicine of the future needs your energy NOW!