Part of NMSAAM’s mission is to inform all DOMs in New Mexico and other stakeholders in our medicine about relevant topics that affect our profession. To this end, we wish to direct your attention to the following items that you may not already be aware of.

Acupuncture Today published 2 articles (links provided below) on the American Association for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM). Both articles are very critical of the AAAOM, and each one links to supporting documents that are cited as sources in the articles.

On March 21 the AAAOM responded to the articles by posting a response on their website and emailing it out to their membership (link provided below). The response addresses some of the claims made in the article and refutes some of the assertions.

NMSAAM does not have a position on either the articles or the response, and is providing them without comment so that our stakeholders and members can be informed and make their own judgements. NMSAAM President Lindsay Meade and Vice President Steven Malins attended a meeting of the Council of State Associations March 20 and 21 while the AAAOM response was released. They will issue a report soon with the results of that meeting.

1. AAAOM – Making Promises They Can’t Keep

2. AAAOM – The Beginning of the End (Part II)

3. AAAOM Response