NMSAAM Listserv: New Member Benefit!

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Members | 0 comments

Come join the discussion! Have you ever wanted to discuss acupuncture and herbal medicine with your colleagues in a professional but relaxed environment? Are you a big TCM nerd? If so, you will love the new NMSAAM discussion listerv!

What is it?

The Listserv is a discussion list where you can post messages, read message, reply, and discuss topics related to acupuncture, herbs, treatment strategies, classics, and much more! The address is lingshu@nmsaam.us If you are familiar with email listservs, just send a message to lingshu-join@nmsaam.us to get started.

Once you are on the list, any message you send to lingshu@nmsaam.us will be sent to everyone else on the list. These members will then be able to reply to your message, and the cycle will repeat itself; much like the cycles of our medicine.

You can also sign up here https://nmsaam.us/mailman/listinfo/lingshu_nmsaam.us

Who is it for?

The Listserv is for NMSAAM members, including and especially, student members. This is a new member benefit that we are rolling out! Not a member yet? Join NMSAAM

Important Points

  1. While the archives of the list are restricted to members, everything post to the list should be considered public.
  2. Joining and participating in The Listserv implies agreement to the NMSAAM Code of Conduct https://nmsaamgov.github.io/coc
  3. After you join, send a message to governance@nmsaam.org with your name and email, so we can quickly verify your membership and approve your joining.
  4. You can easily filter messages to/from the list in your email by looking for the string `[lingshu]’ (without the quotes) in the subject line

Please forward any questions or concerns you have to governance@nmsaam.org