Updated Schedule!

9:00: Greetings and Welcome by President Yvonne Walston

  • Summary of last year

  • Introduction of BOD Members and Committee Chairs: A big thank you for their volunteer service of 2021 – 2022

9:15: Presentation by Webmaster Dr. Steve Malins of membership opportunities

  • How to join the NMSAAM updated website:

  • New members join

  • Renewing members join


10:00: 2 – 5 Minute Introduction by each of the Candidates*

  • Candidates who have submitted letters of intention for the NMSAAM BOD by Sept 9, 5:00

  • Their vision for NMSAAM & goals for their desired BOD position

  • Floor will be opened for additional nominations by NMSAAM members to the slate

10:30: Elections by NMSAAM members for 2022-2023 NMSAAM BOD:

  • President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, (Executive Board)

  • Up to 7 Board Members at Large.

  • Current President will still run the September 17 Annual meeting for the rest of the meeting if the President-Elect is a different NMSAAM member


11:00: Introduction by Legislative Chair, Dr. Yvette Arellano, of the NMSAAM Lobbyist Group:

  • Discuss work to date and

  • Questions from DOM attendees

11:30:  Lunch break

12:00: Are you ready?

  • Two hour continuing ed class by Insurance Chair, Dr. Caterina di Palma.

  • Includes practical basics of what is needed to get on an insurance panel, different types of NPI numbers, taxonomy codes, availability, CAQH, Clearinghouse, Office Ally … Discussion, questions & answers

  • Appropriate for both seasoned and new DOMs

  • NCCAOM approval pending

  • Free to NMSAAM members and $50 for nonmember DOMs.  


2:00–4:00: Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) & Clean Needle Technique (CNT)

  • Two hour continuing ed class by Dr. Steven Malins

  • Satisfies the 2 hour safety requisite by NCCAOM every four years.

  • OSHA requires annual training for Blood Borne Pathogens; DOMs can invite their clinical staff for 1st part of this class to receive certificate of completion (Not NCCAOM CE’s)

  • Appropriate for both seasoned and new DOMs, clinical staff for BBP

  • NCCAOM approval pending

  • Free to NMSAAM members. $50 for nonmember DOMs and staff.  


4:00:  Five Min Break


4:05: Hand the gavel to new President and BOD with closing remarks, Set time for next BOD meeting by new BOD, and close of 9/17/22 Annual Meeting

*Do you want to join the 2022-2023 NMSAAM BOD?

  • If you want to be on the September 17 ballot, send a one page Letter of Intent to NMSAAM governance

  • Deadline: September 9, 2022 by 5:00pm for Letter of Intent to be sent to governance@nmsaam.org

  • For more information about the NMSAAM BOD, see ARTICLE VI – BOARD OF DIRECTORS in the NMSAAM By-laws on our website at https://nmsaamgov.github.io/by_laws.html

  • Letters of Intent will be posted in Governance under “Members Info” on the home page; https://nmsaam.org/governance/

  • Floor will open at the annual meeting for NMSAAM members to nominate themselves or others to be 2022-2023 NMSAAM BOD members, and qualified new candidates will be included in the election process