What you need to know:

The NMSAAM website and membership registration is live now! This means that: you can join or renew your membership online and pay through paypal. It is important to note that the link for joining or renewing is the same in order to simplify the process.

All NMSAAM members will have a user created in wordpress, which is the back end content management system that we use to publish the website. You will pick your username or you can sign in with your email address. if you need to renew your dues but do not have a wordpress user please proceed as a new member and create one at the same time you pay and renew. All our current members are, or will very shortly, be listed in the Find an Acupuncturist page. If you see yourself there, you have a username and password on the new site. If you do not, then either we are in the process of adding you and you will appear very shortly or it is time to renew your dues. In either case please direct inquires to our webmaster and treasurer Steven Malins at his personal email steve@acupuncturists.us 

We have a new directory system that alphabetizes DOM names and that also has the feature of keying in a zip code to search DOMs. (We are very grateful to our web technical adviser and designer, Deb Dapson, for finding our new directory “plug-in.”)

How to join or renew

  1. Click any of the links that say “Join or Renew”
  2. Select the membership category and payment frequency that is right for you
    • Click the button that says “Join Today” under the desired level
  3. Fill out the form
    • If you currently have a username/password please log in first and your information will be pre-filled
      • Make any changes or updates that are necessary
    • If you do not currently have username/password you will create one in this step
  4. Leave the option for PayPal checked and click Join/Renew at the bottom of the form
    • You will be redirected to paypal to complete the transaction
    • If you do not have a paypal account, unselect the option to sign up for one and just enter debit/credit card information
    • Once you complete the transaction your dues will be paid and you should receive two receipts
      • One will be from wordpress/memberpress which is the back end NMSAAM uses to keep a record of memberships
      • The second will be from paypal itself
  • Due to confusions in the previous web platform host set-up, members will no longer have automatic renewals by credit card except for monthly payment categories, at least until all of the transitions are complete from the previous web platform host PayPal. You will receive a reminder email when it is time to renew, but you will have to log in and renew using the process above, unless you sign up for the monthly membership option.
  • Our Treasurer and Webmaster can set up auto renewing membership for annual or quarterly for members who are interested in this convenience. Please contact Steven Malins directly to make these arrangements

If you paid your dues between Jan 01 and today’s date and are not listed in find an acupuncturist please reach out to Treasurer Steven Malins as soon as possible and he will get you added ASAP, usually within 24 of reaching out.

You can renew before your current membership expires; when you do the time will be added on to your current membership. For example, if your membership expires in Jun of 2022 and you renew for 1 year in April of 2022 then your membership will not expire until June of 2023, ie one year from when your membership expires not one year from when you renewed early.

How to pay by check or offline

If you do not wish to pay via paypal or online credit/debit card transaction, we completely understand. Complete the steps above but in step 4 select “Check” and then mail your checks to

P.O. Box 91353
Albuquerque, NM 87199

Your membership will not be finalized, or activated, until an executive committee member receives the check in the mail and processes it. This can take up to 7 to 10 business days; thank you for your patience and understanding. You will appear in the Find an Acupuncturist as soon as you submit the form on the website while we receive and process your payment.

How to log in?

  • Under Members Info at the top select “Login”
    • if you do not remember your password you can reset it here by selecting “forgot password”

If you have any trouble logging in or with password issues not solved by clicking “forgot password” and getting the reset link, please reach out to our webmaster Steven Malins at steve@acupuncturists.us

How to change member info

Once you log in, see above, go to https://nmsaam.org/wp-admin/profile.php and edit the information there. Again if you have any trouble, please reach out to our webmaster Steven Malins at steve@acupuncturists.us

NMSAAM Needs you!

  • Memberships provide the primary operating revenue for our organization; in a very real sense we would not exist without our members! Learn More

Membership dues are critically important to support our professional organization, where together we can and do make a difference. Last year we hired professional lobbyists, and it is best to keep that momentum going.

Join or Renew Today!